Johnsburg Emergency Squad Inc


8 Peaceful Valley Rd, North Creek , NY - 12853

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Bolton Landing Chestertown Diamond Point Indian Lake Newcomb Schroon Lake Speculator

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North Warren Emergency Squad Inc

2 Cougar Lane , Chestertown , NY - 12817
Phone: 518-494-4317
Specialty: Ambulance

Lake George

Lake George Emergency Squad

24 Gage Rd , Lake George , NY - 12845
Phone: 518-668-9506
Specialty: Ambulance


Newcomb Vfd & Res Squad Inc

20 Marcy Lane , Newcomb , NY - 12852
Phone: 518-582-4713
Specialty: Ambulance


Warrensburg Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

3 King St , Warrensburg , NY - 12885
Phone: 518-623-4911
Specialty: Ambulance
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